Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dave's 50th Birthday

On Birthday morning Dave got to work to find that his friends Pam and Pete had decorated the office for the big day. On Saturday night we rented Hut 10 to host the McMurdo Birthday Party. We had 40 plus friends drop by to celebrate with Dave.

Twan and Kelly spent much of the time in the kitchen making pizzas for the gang.
Dave and Pam
Andy, Susie, Denise and Kurt with Dave.
Mandy, Scott and Peggy
Andy and Wendy.
Susie and Jen.
More party shots.
Twan cutting the pizzas.
Bear, Amy, Frank, Candy & ThomRay, Lisa & Tom
Dave and Julie
Tracy, Rich and Liz.
Kelly and Pam with the 2 cakes Pam made for Dave.
Dave making his Birthday wish.
Seth, Rich, Tracy, Liz and Alex.
Kim, Amy and Drew.
Mandy and Dave with the etched vase made from a Gin bottle.
More Birthday kisses
Mt. Discovery from Hut 10.

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