Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Research and Science, but BBC is here!

With all the research and Science that goes on here sometimes it's hard to understand it all. But something very cool is going on now. BBC is here this season filming for the next big documentary. These are the people that brought you "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel. This time the show is called "Frozen Plant" and is being filmed in the Arctic and Antarctic. They are making a 7 part series and it should be on television in 2011. Part of what is so cool about this besides seeing Antarctica's unparalleled beauty, it brings awareness of the environment and wildlife. In a small way we are helping to make this series happen. Kelly has got to meet some of the BBC film makers and help haul their gear around. So make sure to watch "Frozen Planet" when it makes it to television.

ATO's Annual Meet and Greet Party

Saturday night we had our annual party to get everyone in our department together prior to starting shifts. We are starting on days working 6am to 6pm the first half of the season. Under the ATO department we have Air Services which keep track of moving people, Shuttles which provides transportion around the station and airfields, and us Cargo folks that move everything from 1 lb boxes to bulldozers on the aircraft.
Here we are in the cargo bay. We spent a good share of Saturday afternoon cleaning it and setting up for the party. Our Co-Worker Bear had Beef and Pork flown down the day before from Christchurch and our Boss Pete BBQ'd it with his secret marinade. Above is Drew, Bill, Kelly and Brian.

Everyone enjoying the meal before the dancing started.

Steve, Brandon (the sweater boys) and Andrew playing "Beer Pong".

Susie and Lisa.

Andrew and LaDon.

Julie, Brian and Amy.

Julian, Will and Kelly.

Tad, Bill, Twan, Pete, Lisa and Dave.

Tad, Julie and Dave.

Sully, Tony and Matt getting ready to dance.

Kaska and Tom from Air Services.

Flip, Melissa and Kelly looking good!

Pete, Mandy(with the "boot mug") and Dave.

Our boss Pete, Dave, LaDon and Kelly.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Real cold weather

This week we had some crazy weather. It ranged from -40 to -54 during the day. It was so bad we moved some projects inside the cargo bay to escape the cold. Kelly holding on to the loader in the wind.
The view of Ob Hill and blowing snow.

Happy inside projects.

McMurdo Life

It has taken a while to set up our room and make it feel like home. This is the living room and bedroom we created by up hanging yellow, green and orange fabric panels from the ceiling to separate the spaces.

Living room and desk.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dave's 50th Birthday

On Birthday morning Dave got to work to find that his friends Pam and Pete had decorated the office for the big day. On Saturday night we rented Hut 10 to host the McMurdo Birthday Party. We had 40 plus friends drop by to celebrate with Dave.

Twan and Kelly spent much of the time in the kitchen making pizzas for the gang.
Dave and Pam
Andy, Susie, Denise and Kurt with Dave.
Mandy, Scott and Peggy
Andy and Wendy.
Susie and Jen.
More party shots.
Twan cutting the pizzas.
Bear, Amy, Frank, Candy & ThomRay, Lisa & Tom
Dave and Julie
Tracy, Rich and Liz.
Kelly and Pam with the 2 cakes Pam made for Dave.
Dave making his Birthday wish.
Seth, Rich, Tracy, Liz and Alex.
Kim, Amy and Drew.
Mandy and Dave with the etched vase made from a Gin bottle.
More Birthday kisses
Mt. Discovery from Hut 10.

Home Sweet Home

Here's Kelly as we start to unpack in our room. After 4 days we finally got the room all put together.

Heading to McMurdo

So after a 4 day delay we finally made it to McMurdo on Saturday the 2nd. The 5 hour flight went well and we arrived to a nice 3o below degree day.
Here's Kelly taking a nap on the floor as we wait to board the plane. The day we flew we were delayed twice for an hour each before actually getting the call that we were going to fly.Here we are on the flight with Tracy, Wendy & Julie.
A view of the cockpit.
A shot of the inside looking back to the tail. Kelly's in the third row.
All the folks coming off the C-17 on to the Ice Shelf.