Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still in Christchurch

We thought we would update the blog to let people know that we're still in Christchurch. We were suppose to have left for McMurdo on Tuesday morning. We got up at 4:15 am and were getting ready to leave the hotel when we got a call that the flight had been delayed 24 hours due to weather conditions at McMurdo.

Wednesday morning we got up at 4:15 again and went through the process of getting ready. We kept wondering if we were going to get another call about a delay, but it never came. We went to the Antarctic Center and went through the whole three hour process before boarding our flight. Just as we were rolling down the runway and about to take off, they cut back on the engines and hit the brakes. It was a bit unnerving, but they said there was a slight problem, which they would quickly fix and we'd try again soon.

20 minutes later on the second attempt we took off and began our flight. About 50 minutes in to it they announced there was another mechanical problem and we were turning around.

We found out late last night that our flight today was delayed and we've already found out this afternoon that tomorrows flight is delayed as well. It looks like the soonest we'll be leaving will be Saturday morning. We're assuming they are having to bring in a part from the States to fix the plane.

In the mean time other employees are flying in to Christchurch, so as the flights get backed up, we're getting to spend time with friends here. The first day we were delayed they had to move us to a new hotel. We are now in the Crowne Plaza and we're very happy with our room. Below are a few photos of the place as well as one we took when we were boarding our aborted flight. So until we do actually make it to McMurdo we continue to enjoy our time here.

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