Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Air Force Load Planning Course

Most people know we came to Christchurch for two weeks of training, but not many people know what sort of training we're doing. To remedy that, Dave took his camera to class one day and we'll do our best to tell you what the course was all about.

The class was taught by two US Air Force Load Masters and after completing the course and passing the exams, we are then certified to do load plans for all military aircraft.

The first few days of the class covered basic pallet building and from there we started learning about the different military aircraft and how to load plan each of them. Even though we don't see all the aircraft covered in the course, we were still required to learn about them.

Each day we covered a different type of aircraft and had to load plan them. This meant cutting out little pieces of paper to represent pallets or tanks or vehicles. We then had to paste them on a template of the plane where we were planning to load them. It sounds easy, but each aircraft has all sorts of restrictions as to what can and can't be loaded where. You have to check the weight and height of each item to make sure it's OK to put it where you want to. There are also restrictions on the weight of each axle and how close they can be to another axle...... This goes on and on and it's really a pretty complex process for each plane.

Each day after learning about the plane, we had to do a load plan in class and then we had two others to do as homework. This is pretty much what we were doing here the past few weeks.

We had our final exam last Friday, which consisted of 30 questions and then doing a load plan on an aircraft of the Instructors choice.

Here's a photo of our instructors, TSGT John Trostle and SSGT Tosha Johnson.
Ray & Kelly were both happy to get 100% on their KG-10 load plans.
Beverly, Liz & Tracy are hard at work on their load plans.Kelly is checking out Twan's load plan.Paul is telling Glen the mistakes he made.Just to let you know, we both passed the course and aced our final exams!!!

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