Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Our Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Friday after class we went to pick up our ECW gear. Normally we would have to do this with everyone who is on our flight. They take you in two groups, so you have to battle with a room full of people to get your gear and exchange things that don't fit. It was so nice to get it done early with just the six of us guys from class rather than with 40 other guys.

When we arrived we found our bags laid out with a list on top of everything they gave us. We then go through the bag piece by piece to make sure that everything fits. If it doesn't, you take it back to the employees who work there and they exchange it for a different size.
Normally there's a huge line to return things, but not with our small group. Here are Paul and Twan exchanging a few items.
Here's the room where they lay out our bags. You can see all the other bags lining the wall for the other's on our flight who will get their turn tomorrow. The day of our flight (Tuesday the 29th), we'll show back up here to dress in our ECW gear for the flight.
Here's Kelly trying on his things.Here's a list of everything we are required to wear on the flight. Everything else gets sent down as checked baggage.

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