Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dave's Trip To Indiana

Dave flew back to Indiana on August 17th to help out his Mother for six days after her knee surgery. She was doing so well, she didn't really need him there, but he had a great time visiting with family & friends.

Megan and the kids were able to make it to Goshen for a few hours. Here's Avery with her reflection in the mirror. Megan & Ben.
Here's Colin.Josh is getting ready to launch one of his rockets.This particular rocket went so high that the last we saw of it, it was floating over the neighbors yards. We never did find it.Shortly after losing the rocket some storms rolled in with wicked thunder and lighting. We had to go to the basement after a funnel cloud was reported to be seen in the area.

Here's Dave with Micah, Josh, Trysha & Rob in their basement.Kylie & Anson playing a game.
Alison & AnsonDave reading to KylieCarter & Hanna on Great Grandma Haney's Swing.Great Grandma Haney reading to Hanna & Carter. Dave got to spend a good chunk of a Saturday with the Gilberts watching Spenser play tennis.In his first match Spenser played Seth Koble, who is seen here in the white shirt playing on the court behind Spenser. Seth is the son of Sharon Rensberger Koble who is one of Dave's good friends from High School. It was fun to watch the sons of two friends play each other, but unfortunately someone had to lose. Delaney, Cindy & Brad at Spenser's tennis match.After the tennis matches, Dave watched Nick & Bradlee, two of his great nephews play football.

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