Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dave's Pre-50th Birthday Party

Since we'll be back in Antarctica when Dave turns 50 on October 6th, we decided to have a birthday party here so we could celebrate with our friends who won't be with us on the Ice. It was also pretty much the last chance we'll get to see some of our friends before we leave.

We spent most of Saturday getting ready for the party, buying food, prepping food and getting it all set out before the first guests arrived. Here's the spread of finger food we had on the dining room table. Kelly made made chocolate/peanut butter & lemon cupcakes, both of which were fantastic!
Here's Norman, Rex & Eddie.
Allen & Vicki
Tom, Val, Jacques, Luis & Jason
Paul & Evan
Pat, Eddie & Stef
Dave, Kelly, Jason & Luis
Eddie, Norman & Dave White
Lynette & Evan
Stef & Dave

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