Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in Christchurch

After spending our last week in the States with the family in Selah, we flew to Denver on the 11th for two days of orientation. We then flew to Christchurch on the 13th via Sydney. We left Denver at 4:30 PM Sunday and arrived in Christchurch at noon on Tuesday.

It was a long flight, but we were on the new Airbus 380 and we really enjoyed the new entertainment system and just seeing what a new plane was like. Ours was only the 5th flight this plane had made since being purchased by Qantas.

We're here in Christchurch until September 29th taking a Load Planning course which is required for our jobs. We love being here again, especially since it's spring and all the flowers are just starting to bloom.

Here's the view from our room on the 20th floor of the Grand Chancellor Hotel.Spring colors can be seen in something other than flowers.
Flowers along the Avon River
More Spring flowers.
The fountains at Victoria Square

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