Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Trip to Denver

Friday morning we were up at 3 am to catch our 5:15 am flight to Denver. Our Antarctic friends Alex Morris & Liz Kauffman were getting married on Saturday and were very excited to be attending their ceremony.

We stayed with our friend's Pam Hill & Julie Boneau along with three other house guests. The whole weekend was like one big Antarctic reunion.

Here's Dave & Julie Grundburg working on wrapping the present.
Kelly & Pam were working on making dinner. Here they are with Kelly's wonderful Caprese & Ciabatta. Kelly & Julie G. also made Chocolate Mousse.
Julie & Kelly waiting for the guests to arrive.
Dave & Jen Kemper.
Kelly & Wendy.
Dawn & Candy.
Jen & Julie Raine.
Julie Raine gave Dave this awesome Frostyboy T-Shirt.

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Kris K said...

I'm sad I missed seeing you guys! Hope you had fun!! See you on the Ice!