Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend we enjoyed celebrating the one year anniversary of our Commitment Ceremony. Saturday night we went to Zydeco for dinner, which is one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Bend. After a wonder meal there we went home for some cake.

Our cake at the ceremony had three tiers with two different flavors. Since we only ever got to taste one of the flavors last year, Kelly ordered a small cake from the Cake Lady so we could see what we missed. Here's the photos of our white chocolate cake with Bavarian creme in the middle and chocolate frosting on the outside. It was wonderful!!!
Sunday morning we went for a drive along the McKenzie Highway (route 242), which runs from Sisters to Belknap Springs. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we went with our friend Stef, who mostly rode in the car with us and Tom & Paul, who rode their motorcycles.
Here are a few shots of Mount Washington from the highway. Notice all the lava in the foreground of the photos.
Here's a shot of North Sister and Middle Sister from the McKenzie Highway.
We stopped along the way and did a hike at the Dee Wright Observatory (which is made entirely from volcanic rock. Here's the trail that winds through the lava.
Here's Paul & Stef on the trail.
Here's a shot of Dave on the trail.
Further on down the road we stopped at Proxy Falls. This 200' waterfall is an easy hike from the highway and well worth the walk.
Here are a few more photos of Proxy Falls and Proxy Creek.
Stef & Paul at Proxy Falls

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Trip to Denver

Friday morning we were up at 3 am to catch our 5:15 am flight to Denver. Our Antarctic friends Alex Morris & Liz Kauffman were getting married on Saturday and were very excited to be attending their ceremony.

We stayed with our friend's Pam Hill & Julie Boneau along with three other house guests. The whole weekend was like one big Antarctic reunion.

Here's Dave & Julie Grundburg working on wrapping the present.
Kelly & Pam were working on making dinner. Here they are with Kelly's wonderful Caprese & Ciabatta. Kelly & Julie G. also made Chocolate Mousse.
Julie & Kelly waiting for the guests to arrive.
Dave & Jen Kemper.
Kelly & Wendy.
Dawn & Candy.
Jen & Julie Raine.
Julie Raine gave Dave this awesome Frostyboy T-Shirt.

Alex & Liz's Wedding

Here's Gifford with the beautiful three Julies before they leave for the wedding. Julie's Bonneau, Grundberg & Raine. Levi and Cash
Kelly, Dawn & Dave
Kelly, Amanda, Tony & Lisa. Wendy & Leslie at the Ceremony
Alex Escorting his Mother.
Liz with her Father & Mother.
Liz & Alex listening to Julie Bonneau & Julie Raine sing.
Julie Bonneau.
The Newlyweds.
Rich, Kimberly & DaveSharon (the Maid of Honor) and her date Ryan Gosling. Please don't tell her he's not real!
Liz & Alex have a laugh at Seth's toastOne of their gifts was this new tandem.

Hiking in Castlewood Canyon & Flying Home

Monday morning we did a hike with Pam in Castlewood Canyon. It was a beautiful area with lots of large boulders to climb on. Cherry Creek meanders through the boulders on it's way to Denver.
Pam & Kelly in Castlewood Canyon.Dave & Kelly on the old Castlewood Dam. This Dam was built in 1890 and was destroyed in 1933 after a cloud burst caused too much water for the dam to hold. One billion gallons of water were sent rushing toward Denver, but remarkably only two people were killed.
Remains of the Castlewood Dam
Aspens in Castlewood Canyon We flew back home Monday evening and had a beautiful few of Mt. Hood & Mt. Jefferson on our approach in to Portland
View of Mt. Hood from our Plane.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camping at East Lake

This past Sunday we packed up the truck and headed down to East Lake to our favorite campground. We weren't able to get our favorite site, but we got the one next to it which worked out just fine.

We met Norman & Dave there a little past noon and we had the rest of the afternoon to lounge around on the beach and to cool off in the water.

After an entire week of mid 90 degree temperatures in Bend, it was nice to be at the lake for some relief. After a great afternoon in the sun, we started Happy Hour at a little past 6:00.

Here's the camp site we had. It may be hard to see in this photo, but Norman & Dave brought a huge tent that we were thankful to have later that night.
Kelly, Norman & Dave on the beach. As you can see here, the blue skies from the afternoon were soon overtaken by storm clouds. We watched & listened to the approaching thunder storm for well over an hour.
About 5 minutes after Kelly & Norman went back to refill our drinks, Dave & Dave felt the first of the raindrops. They gathered up all our belongings and got back to camp just as the heavy rains began.
Here's Kelly, Norman & Dave in the McMansion. There was actually a queen size air mattress behind Kelly and this photo was taken from the enclosed entryway.
We were so glad to have this much space to hangout in, since it never did stop raining the rest of the night.
The next morning we awoke to another beautiful sunny day.