Monday, July 6, 2009

The Redwoods and the California Coast

Tuesday morning we left the Napa Valley and drove to Humboldt Redwood State Park where we camped for the night. We drove along the coast for a few miles and although it was a beautiful sunny day, once we reached the coast it was pretty foggy.
This is the few looking up from our campsite.
Once we got our campsite set up we got the bikes out and rode on some of the trails in the park. Here's a video clip of Kelly as we're riding down the road to reach the trails.

Here's Kelly riding through the Redwoods
Here's Dave on the Trail
Kelly on the trail.
Here we are with the largest Redwood on the coast. It's 353' high and 53' around.
Here's Kelly playing tree hugger. Looking up the largest tree. The campground we were in was nice, but the sites were closer together than any we had seen before.
When we left on Wednesday morning we drove back along the coast for a short ways.
We came across these Elk grazing along the road.
We drove to Ashland and spent Wednesday night before driving back home on Thursday. Dave had never been to Ashland before. It's a great town and hopefully we can get back there again in the future.

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