Monday, July 6, 2009

Floating the Truckee River

Since it was in the high 90's on Saturday a group of us decided to float the Truckee River. We put in about three miles upstream and floated to downtown.

It wasn't anything like the river floats we do here at home on the Deschutes. It moved much faster and had frequent rocks and boulders to maneuver around. There were also several rapids which got us good and wet. Had Dave known it was going to be like that he wouldn't have taken the camera, but it survived just fine.

Here's a photo of Charlee playing in the park while we await the arrival of Monica & Beth. Kelly & Charlee enjoying the shade.
Teri, Charlee, Monica, Beth and Kelly ready to get it. Notice the size of Charlee's tube as he's the tallest one there. He had one heck of a ride.
Teri & Charlee on the Truckee River.
Kelly & Monica
As we got in to town there were hundreds of people swimming and playing in the water.
After the float we warmed up for awhile in the sun.

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