Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canoeing on Elk Lake

Wednesday was another hot day, so we took the canoe up to Elk Lake to cool off a bit. It was a beautiful afternoon and the temperature was much more pleasant than it had been in town.After paddling around a while, we found a nice secluded beach. We spent an hour there swimming, laying in the sun and taking a few photos.

A Vist from Ice Friends

Sunday afternoon, as usual, we went to the amphitheater to listen to music with friends. Amy took this photo of us with Dave & Norman. While at the concert we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friends and co-workers from Antarctica Tony & Amanda Hunter.
They were on a road trip visiting friends in Oregon and we were fortunate enough to have them stay with us for two nights.Here's Tony and Amanda shortly after they arrived. We had a little dinner party in their honor and also invited Amy & Joe who also work on the Ice and Joe's girlfriend Diana. Joe & Tony were showing their new tattoos, so Kelly wanted to get in the photo to show off the little one that he has.
Kelly made a wonderful meal of tri tip steaks and chipotle salmon on the grill along with two salads, roasted vegetables and creme brulee for dessert.Our friend Ryon from Portland was in town for the weekend and he came over later that evening. Here he is enjoying a cocktail on the deck with Kelly.
When Dave came home from taking Ryon back to his hotel, he found the guys arm wrestling in the kitchen.Dave was soon talked in to joining the funWe won't publicly post who the winners were since we don't want to embarrass those who weren't so fortunate.....but we will tell you if you ask us.........Monday afternoon was a hot day in the mid 90's, so we floated the river in the afternoon followed by some cold drinks at Red Robin. We were joined by another Ice friend Jay who also lives in Bend.
Here's Jay, Dave, Kelly, Amy & Amanda.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yet Another Road Trip

It seems like all we've been doing all summer is driving on one road trip after another. We actually thought we were going to spend the entire month of July at home.......that is until our friend Rex asked us to take some stuff down to his his home in Cathedral City (next to Palm Springs) for him.

We picked up a U-Haul trailer on Thursday the 16th, loaded it up with stuff from his house here in Bend and took off the next morning for California.

Here's a shot of Mt. Shasta as we're driving down US 97. We thought it was hot when we left Bend, but we soon found out what hot feels like. It was 116 when we arrived at his place on Saturday afternoon. When we were driving back from dinner Saturday night it was still 105 at 9:00 at night. Now that's HOT!

We spent a little time on Sunday at the pool in his neighborhood.
Here's a shot of Rex outside his house in Cathedral City.
A view of the fountain and mountain as seen from his front yard.
We left early Monday morning and drove to Reno on highway 395, which runs along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was much prettier than I-5 and the road surface was actually better too.
This photo was taken from Lone Pine and somewhere up there is Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the U.S. outside of Alaska.
We stopped for lunch in Mammoth Lakes, which is a beautiful little tourist town nestled between the eastern entrances of Sequoia, Kings Canyon & Yosemite National Parks.

We drove up to check out a couple of the lakes outside town and here's a few photos we took there.
This photo is of Mono Lake which lies just outside Yosemite N.P. & south of Lake Tahoe. National attention was drawn to the lake in the 70's when tributaries to the lake were diverted to meet the growing demand of water for Los Angles.
More beautiful scenery along I-395.We broke up the trip home by stopping in Reno and spending the night with Patrick & Liisa. When we left their place last month after their wedding, we had no idea we'd be seeing them again so soon.
Kelly & Liisa after an early morning run.
We decided to drive home a different route from Reno this time. We took 395 to 31 to 97 home and really enjoyed the drive.

This shot is near Fort Rock on highway 31.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Oriental Poppies

Our Oriental Poppies started blooming before we left on our trip to Reno & CA and we were very happy to see they were still at it when we got back home a week later.

4th of July Pet Parade

Saturday the 4th we went downtown for the pet parade. Our friends Evan & Eddie were in the parade with their dog Radcliffe. Here's a photo of them and few other random shoots from the parade.
The floating dog is always one of the crowd favorites. He wears his little sunglasses and is tethered to a bunch of helium balloons
Dave was watching the parade while working at his store.

Bend Summerfest Weekend

Friday the 10th Randy came down from Monroe, WA for a long weekend visit. It was also the weekend of Bend Summerfest, so there was a lot going on in town to keep us occupied.

Dave's friend Ronn & his wife Jill were also in town on vacation from Alaska. The visited with us for for a few hours on Saturday and walked around the booths downtown with us.

Here's Randy, Kelly & Ronn at Summerfest.Jill, Ronn & Dave checking out the booths.
Kelly, Ronn & Jill.
Tom & Paul stopped by Saturday afternoon to show us Tom's new Motorcycle. Here's Kelly checking it out with Tom.
Here we are with Jill & Ronn before they headed out of town.
We walked along the river with Randy on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He took this photo of us on the foot bridge.
Sunday afternoon we floated the river and then went to the amphitheater for free music and met up with Allen, Vicki, Celine & Amy.

Second Sunday at Mike & Sarah's

We finished off our long weekend by attending Mike & Sarah's Second Sunday gathering. Once again Sarah served up some wonderful food and drinks.

Here's Kelly with Dave & Norman.Sarah & RandyGunnar & Lily having a good time.
Mike spent some time reading to the kids before bedtime.

A Quick Trip to Eugene

Wednesday morning we drove over to Eugene for a Jonny Lang concert. He was playing at the Cuthbert Amphitheatre and we were really excited to see him again.

Unfortunately he was having trouble with his voice so he had one of his backup singers sing a couple of his songs and other songs were stretched out by band members playing long solos.

We were pretty disappointed, since his voice is what makes him such a unique and awesome performer. He only played an hour and then came out and played an encore song that last 20 minutes and Jonny didn't sing at all. At that point we decided to leave and cut our loses.

On the drive back home the next day we stopped by Sahalie Falls for a short break and a photo op. Kelly at Sahalie Falls
Mount Washington from US 20