Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sprucing Up the Place

The exterior of our house as been in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint for some time. As other homes in the neighborhood had theirs painted the past few years it just made ours look duller and less attractive.

We finally took care of that problem and had it painted last week.

This photo was taken in May and is a good example of how faded it had become.
The painters started caulking and painting on a primer coat the morning of June 17th. That afternoon they had the exterior color on and started working on the trim.
They came back the following day and finished the trim and the place looks fantastic now.
Here they are spraying on the primer and you can see the photo of the completed work below.

After the painting project was completed we started planting our flower pots.

This year the pots out front have the Yellow Argyranthemum, Royal Madness Petunias and white Alysum.

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