Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Trip to Indianapolis

Last Thursday we made a trip to Indy to see the last of the Haney family. Megan, Shaun & the kids couldn't make it up to Goshen for our family gatherings so we made a trip down to see them.

Kelly & Meg are taking the kids on their bikes to a park near their house.
Ben playing at the park.
Dave is swinging Avery around on a pole swing.
Avery playing at the park.
Ben at the park
Megan, Avery & Ben
Eric came up from Greenwood with Morgan and met us at the park.
Ben & Avery were suddenly more interested in holding Morgan than playing.
Ben really enjoys swinging. I think he could do it all day if someone were willing to push him that long.
Great Grandma Haney with Morgan, Avery & Ben.

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