Thursday, June 25, 2009

Judy's Garden Party

Yesterday our friend Judy was having a garden party for her friends from the Garden Club and we were lucky enough to get invited as well.

She and her partner Tom have the most amazing garden and it was great to be able to get over there to see what was blooming.

The peony with the large white flowers in the middle of this photo was one of our favorites.

Here are a few other shots from the event.

Dave & Jason coming down the steps.

After the garden party we had a nice dinner on our deck with friends Dave & Norman.

The Bite of Bend

Last Saturday was the Bite of Bend. It's a fun event held downtown where they close off a few streets and have food stalls from different restaurants in town. It's a great opportunity to sample a lot of food from various places. There's a stage with live music playing all day and beer & wine is served at numerous places.

It's a great festival atmosphere and there's also a top chef & a bartender competition which is always fun to watch.

Our friends Chris & Natalie Wilt came down from The Dalles for the weekend.

There were some street performers who were doing shows at various times of the day.

After we got our fill of good food on Sunday afternoon, we went to the Les Schwab Amphitheater to relax and listen to some free music.
Here's Natalie, Chris, Amy, Diana, Joe & Dave.

Family Visit & Farmer's Market

Last week Mom & Dad Cheek came down for a two day visit. They arrived the same time we usually go to the Farmer's Market, so we met them downtown so they could see what our market has to offer.

The market is held every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 6 and you can buy fresh fruit and veggies from local growers as well as cheeses, fresh meats & fish and baked goods.

Here's Kelly & Mom Cheek walking through the crowd.

Dave made a pie for our Wednesday night dinner. He got the recipe from our friend David White and it's now one of our favorite desserts.
If you'd like the recipe for this Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Cream Pie you can find it on David's store's blog under his May posting.
It's fantastic and here's the link:

Sprucing Up the Place

The exterior of our house as been in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint for some time. As other homes in the neighborhood had theirs painted the past few years it just made ours look duller and less attractive.

We finally took care of that problem and had it painted last week.

This photo was taken in May and is a good example of how faded it had become.
The painters started caulking and painting on a primer coat the morning of June 17th. That afternoon they had the exterior color on and started working on the trim.
They came back the following day and finished the trim and the place looks fantastic now.
Here they are spraying on the primer and you can see the photo of the completed work below.

After the painting project was completed we started planting our flower pots.

This year the pots out front have the Yellow Argyranthemum, Royal Madness Petunias and white Alysum.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

It took us 10 1/2 hours to get home from Park City and we arrived a little after 6:00 PM Friday night.

There's nothing like mosquito bites, poison ivy and humidity to remind us why we enjoy living in Bend rather than in the Midwest.

We had a great time on our trip visiting with family & friends but it sure feels good to be home.

Here are a few shots from our last day of driving.
In contrast to the sunny warm weather we had on our trip east, we had cloudy stormy weather most of the way back home.

We did have a good bit of sun this last day, but the closer we got to Bend the cloudier it became.

It was a pretty drive through Idaho with everything being green and the sky filled with puffy white clouds.

One Last Stop in Park City

Thursday morning we left Denver at 8:00 and drove 538 miles in 8 hours to get to Rich's place in Park City, UT.
On the way there we drove through Wyoming again, so Dave got another chance at the "Welcome to Wyoming" sign.
This shot looks much better than the one he took of the ground.
Random scenery shot drive across Wyoming.
We arrived in Park City early enough for Rich to give us a tour of town and the surrounding area.
The Aspens had leafed out since we were here in May.
This Catholic Church built in Park City in 1881 was the first non Mormon church in Utah.
Main Street in Park City. It's a beautiful town with lots of great shops and restaurants.
Dave & Kelly outside the Wasatch Brew Pub where we went for dinner Thursday night.
Rich made a drawing on his chalkboard of our road trip.
After breakfast with Rich Friday morning we bid him farewell and started on the last leg of our journey.

A Side Trip to Denver

On our way back home we made a side trip down to Denver to see some friends.

We left Mt. Morris, IL at 6 am Monday and14 hours and 940 miles later we arrived at Pam's house in Parker, a suburb of Denver.

While in Denver we got to visit with Mike & Andrea Rudolph and their baby Rebbeca. She was born last July and we hadn't had a chance to see her yet.

Here's Mike with Rebbeca.
Here's Dave feeding Rebbeca a banana. He was told if he did, that she would instantly like him.
Andrea playing with Rebbeca.
Tuesday night Pam grilled chicken and we had a nice dinner on her deck.
Here's Kelly, Julie Bonneau, Dave & Pam.

Party at Pam & Julie's

Wednesday evening Pam & Julie hosted a happy hour party at their place since we were in town.

There were 33 people there and all but one were friends from McMurdo.

Sally & Tom drove all the way from Salida to see us and had to drive back home that same night. It was a six hour round trip for them and we really appreciate that they made the trip.

Here Sally is hugging Dave as he finishes up with food prep.

Julie, Tom, Theresa & Sally.
Theresa, Julie Raine, Jessy, Julie Bonneau & Joe.
Kelly & Alex
Lisa & Pete
Kris & Mandy
Todd, Tom & Theresa
Kelly made Gift one of her favorite deserts (a chocolate brownie with peanut butter baked inside)
Joe, Seth, Amanda, Kelly, Dave & Julie Raine.
Gift & Pam
Amanda & Eric

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Next Stop Mt. Morris, IL

After Josh's ballgame we drove to Steve & Ginny's house where we spent the next two nights.

We took a walk with Steve Sunday afternoon at nearby White Pines State Park.

Kelly & Steve hiking at White Pines.
Ginny, Kelly, Steve & Marley enjoying a nice evening on their back deck.

Josh's Ballgame

Saturday morning we started our road trip back home, but we made a two hour stop in South Bend on our way to Mt. Morris to see Josh play baseball.
Here's Josh as bat.
Micah spent a little time away from watching his big brothers game to play catch with his Grandmas.
Josh running the bases.
Dave, Rob & Trysha watching the game.
Micah with Grandmas Miller & Haney