Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Trip to Washington

Last Saturday we drove up to Seattle. We spent a few hours with our Niece Kara and her partner Kate before joining up with Charlee & Teri, friends from Antarctica.

We went out to dinner that night and were joined by two other Ice friends, Julie & Alec. We ate at a really cool Italian place near Greenlake called Bizarro, which was really good.

Sunday we spent the day and night with Randy in Monroe and Monday with Matt, Becky and baby Henry in Sammamish.

Dave's friend Diane Flynn from his Denali days flew in around midnight Monday night. We picked her up and took her back to Matt & Becky's where she was visiting with them for a few days.

Here's a picture of us with Henry and his new penguin friend who happens to be much bigger than he is.

Flynn having her morning Cup of Tea.

Kelly keeping Henry occupied.

Matt & Henry with his new penguin.

Saturday night after dinner we went to Greenlake where a friend of Charlee & Teri's was taking part in an outdoor performance. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but you can check out their website at
We actually got there a bit late, but did manage to catch some of the actors in costume. The area of the performance was really neat as it was lit up with blue lights making it seem very dream like.
In this photo there were three rabbits in this bed on the dock.
Here we are with Alec, Julie, Teri & Charlee.

A few Performers as horses.....

....and a clock......

We spent Tuesday through Friday in Yakima with Kelly's parents. They had wanted us to come back up to do some more painting at their house. They had all the colors picked out and the paint purchased when we arrived. We ended up painting their dining area, the entrance, hallway and living room. It made for a busy few days, but it was worth the effort as everything looked really nice and we think they liked the new look.

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