Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time with the Haney family

Last Sunday afternoon we went to Ox Box Park with Mom Haney, Ryan, Rhonda, Joe & Dwayne to play Frisbee Golf. Actually Kelly & Mom Haney didn't play as you can see them sitting in their lawn chairs in the background.

We had a nice day despite all the mud, mosquitoes and poison ivy. Here's Joe showing us his form.
Rhonda just made a great throw. Sunday night we finally got to meet the newest addition to the Haney family. Here's Dave holding Morgan who was born on his birthday last October.
Courtney, Cinda & Eric lounging on the patio.
Mom Haney & Morgan
Monday we had those who could make it over to Mom Haney's for a Memorial Day cookout.

Here's Trysha with Morgan & Micah. Eric, Cinda, Rhonda with Morgan & Trysha at Mom Haney's.
Rob was kind enough to take on the job of grilling the burgers and hot dogs.
Nick, Joe & Micah
The Haney family picnic in the driveway.
Since there was a chance of rain we kept all the food in the garage. Fortunately we had no rain.
Kelly made an ice cream sandwich out of Mom Haney's chocolate chip oatmeal cookie and Cinda's brownies.
Kelly & Micah
Morgan likes to sleep with her hands behind her head.
Kelly & Dave took the boys out to hit golf balls.

Here's Josh, Joe & Nick trying to get the tees in the hard ground.
Joe has a nice swing.

Uncle Dave is showing Carter how to hit the ball.
Carter didn't always use Uncle Dave's advice, but he managed to hit the ball just fine....and to get hit a few times as well!
Josh was able to hit the ball really well for his age.
Carter & Micah
Micah had a hard time just getting the ball to stay on the tee.
Carter with Uncle Kelly.
Since Gary is the oldest male in the Haney family it's his duty to sleep during family gatherings.
Morgan with Uncle Kelly.
Josh & Uncle Dave
Micah looked like a pig boy as he looked in through the screen door.
Micah likes to ham it up for the camera.

Micah and Uncle Dave we're looking at the ceremony photo album.

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