Saturday, May 23, 2009

Road Trip to Indiana

We left at 7:30 Sunday morning to begin our road trip back to Indiana to visit Dave's family.

With the price of gas down this summer we thought it would be cheaper to drive rather than to purchase two plane tickets & then rent a car at O'hare like we normally do.

No road trip would be complete without a photo of the driver. Here's Kelly as we're driving through Eastern Oregon.
We decided to document the trip with photos of each state sign as we crossed the border.

You might not be able to read them all, but this is our welcome to Idaho sign.....
..... and Dave's driving photo.
The welcome to Utah sign.
After driving 11 hours and covering 670 miles, we arrived at our friend Rich's place in Park City, Utah. Rich is a friend from McMurdo.
This is a photo of some of the ski slopes as we drove in to town
The welcome to Park City sign. It was over 90 degrees when we arrived despite the fact that we were at an elevation of over 7000'.
This is the view from Rich's condo.
Here's Dave with Rich & Tracy. Tracy is another friend from McMurdo who was also visiting Rich.
This was one of the ski slopes in Park City which was used when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics.
We left Park City at 8:30 Monday morning. This some of the scenery we pass as we drove along I-80.
This was Dave's first attempt at taking a photo of a state sign. Rather than taking one out the buggy windshield, he tried to get it out the side window.
As you can see he failed miserably taking a photo or the ground instead.
Anyway, welcome to Wyoming.
We were surprised yet happy to see that Wyoming is taking advantage of wind energy.
A shot of the scenery as we drove across the dry state of Wyoming.
Kelly was back in control of the camera as seen in this welcome to Nebraska shot.
This is the Great Platte River Roadway Arch which spans the four lanes of I-80 near Kearney, NE.
This $64 million log bridge is a privately owned tourist attraction.
After another 11 day and covering 790 miles, (mostly 70 mph +) we arrived in Hastings, NE at the home of friends Steve & Michele Bever.
Here's the front of the car and the thousands of insects we had collected along the way.
We took a late night walk with Steve & Michele through their neighborhood and past this beautiful fountain.
Here are Michele & Steve with their dog Sophie on the steps of their house.
Steve & Michele both attended Manchester College with Dave.
We left Hastings at 9:45 Tuesday morning and continued east along I-80.
Dave finally captured a photo of a state sign as we entered Iowa.
We were also happy to see that Iowa had numerous wind farms.
Kelly's first time driving across the Mississippi River.
Dave's poor attempt at the Illinois sign.
He prefers to shoot objects that aren't flying by at 70 mph.
After a short day of 8.75 hours and 561 miles, we arrived at Dave's Brother Steve's house in Mt. Morris, Illinois where we spent the night. Unfortunately Sister-in-Law Ginny was out of town.
We left Steve & Ginny's at 9:45 the next morning hoping a late start would help us avoid heavy traffic around Chicago.
We finally completed our journey arriving at Dave's Mom's house in Goshen at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon.
It was a long drive and fairly boring at times, but we did have a few things to be thankful the fact that we made it, that we had satellite radio to keep us company, the clear blue skies we had the whole way, the 31 miles per gallon we averaged in the car and that we spent less than $200 on fuel.

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