Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Sunday the 8th we flew from Auckland to Rarotonga, the largest island in the Cook Islands. We have rented a house here with our friends Pam & Mary, who we work with in Anarctica.

Dave & Kelly checking out Muri Beach where we are staying

Pam, Dave & Kelly on Muri Beach

A crab we found on the beach one night.

Dave on Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach

Pam & Dave on Black Rock Beach

The Lagoon at Muri Beach

The waves breaking over the reef at Muri Beach

Dave on Muri Beach

Kelly at Muri Beach

Kelly, Dave, Mary & Pam at Are Hine, the house we are renting

The beach in front of our place

Dave & Kelly at Muri Beach

The Mountains of Rarotonga

Pam, Mandy, Mary, Dave & Scott in the kitchen at "Are Hine", the house we are renting.

Scott, Kelly, Pam, Mary & Mandy as we were making dinner. Scott and Mandy are staying down the road from us and came over for dinner last night.

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Meg said...

That place looks heavenly!