Saturday, March 7, 2009

From Ohope Beach to Thames

When we left Ohope Beach we drove north to the beach community of Mt. Maunganui near Turanga. We really enjoy this place and spent two nights there.

Our first day was sunny and we spent the afternoon on the beach. Unfortunately the next day was overcast and very windy. Had it stayed nice, we would have stayed there longer, but since the forecast wasn't looking good anywhere we decided to work our way closer to Auckland.

Here's the top of Mt. Maunganui. We never did a get any photos of the beach the day it was so nice.

Here's Dave on the trail that goes around Mt. Maunganui.

From Mt. Maunganui we drove to Whangamata, another beach community on the Coromadel Peninsula.
We were able to get one of the last remaining rooms in town, which was a great two bedroom apartment. The town was hosting the New Zealand surfing championships as well as the North Island Dart Championship.
It rained the entire day we arrived, but we were able to get this shot of the beach before we left this morning.

Here's Kelly in our apartment in Whangamata. We wanted a nice place to hang out since it was raining all day.

We did have a view of the ocean from our place

Today we drove to the town of Thames. If we had to do it over again we wouldn't have come here. It's not really a tourist destination and there's not much to do here. We're sort of just killing time until we drive to Auckland tomorrow to catch our flight to the Cook Islands.
Again we were able to get one of the last remaining rooms in town since there were a few weddings going on. We are the only people at our lodge who aren't part of a wedding celebration.
Here's Kelly walking along the little beach across the road from our place.
After playing cribbage most of the afternoon we walked over to watch the sunset over the Firth of Thames (named by Capt. James Cook)

Here we are watching the sunset on our last night in New Zealand.

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Meg said...

So Kelly plays Cribbage...I guess I will have to learn how to play that before you come back to Indiana again. :) I love seeing your adventures! Thanks for updating the blog!