Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ship Offload and our Last Few Days in McMurdo

Here are a few photos from our last week on the Ice.

In this first photo we were having cocktails in Steve-O and Brandon's room two days before we left. Here's Will, Brandon & Steve-O

This photo is of the office at MCC (Movement Control Center) where Dave works.

Here Melanie and Dave are hard at work in the office.....yeah right!!!

This photo is of Kelly in an M4K Loader, which we call a Pickle. It was designed especially for the Navy for unloading freight from Milvans.

This photo is of the Swedish icebreaker the Oden on the left and the re-supply ship the American Tern on the right.
The Tern has the three cranes on board which are used to unload the 500+ milvans brought to McMurdo this season. It took just about a week to get the ship unloaded with all our supplies and loaded back up with all our waste.
All recycling, non-recyclables and food waste get hauled back to the US for processing aboard the American Tern.

Here's another shot of the American Tern being unloaded. You can see the semi trailers in this photos getting loaded with milvans. These milvans are stuffed full of all the supplies we need to get through the year until the ship returns.
The pier seen here is actually made of fresh water ice with gravel on top. The piers usually last about ten years before needing to be replaced.

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