Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leaving McMurdo

Our time in McMurdo ended on February 13th when the C-17 arrived to take us back to Christchurch.

Since we had been working on the night shift since mid December we weren't given any time to switch back to days prior to our departure.

We basically stayed awake for about 30 hours from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday Night. During this time we were packing up our things and cleaning our room and it actually took a good portion of this time to get it all done.

By the time we went to bed Thursday evening we were tired enough to fall asleep.

When we woke up Friday morning it was snowing and blowing pretty hard. We thought if the weather didn't improve the plane might not be able to make it in to pick us up.

It did delay taking off from Christchurch for an hour because of our weather, but it eventually cleared enough that it left and made it in.

This first photo is a shot of inside the plane and the second photo is of the plane when it arrived.

We stood outside for nearly an hour watching it get unloaded and loaded. In this photo you can see a Bulldozer which was flown down as it was driven off the plane.

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