Sunday, January 4, 2009

McMurdo Station's Icestock Music Festival

Even though the sign here shows Icestock as being on New Years Day it was actually on New Years Eve and for the first time was held at night.

This worked out great for us since we're on the night shift now. Instead of starting at noon as in previous seasons it was held from 6:30 pm until 12:30 am (so actually a 1/2 hour of it was in 2009).

We'd had beautiful sunny warm (30's) weather for weeks prior to Icestock. Even the morning of the 30th we went for a walk since it was such nice weather. But when we woke up that afternoon the winds had picked up and it was cold, as Icestock tends to be.

After heading over the first time we had to go back to our room to put on more cloths. We also needed a few warm up breaks, but we had a great time listening to the music of seven bands and hanging out with our friends.

Our friend & co-worker Chris Evans played guitar for one of the bands.

Kelly with his cargo crew, Steve-O, Andrew & Will.

A view of the early crowd from above.

Chris' band "Sunday Britches" played Bluegrass.

A giant paper Skua flew in to check out the crowd.

Another of the crazy costumes our friend Karen from the Waste Department made.

Rich, Pam & Kelly at Icestock

Amy & Julie enjoying coffee at Sawbucks.

The band "Porn Spill" took the stage for the 11:30 to 12:30 slot.

Father Time & Baby New Year arrived to celebrate with us at midnight.

Will, Gift, Lisa & Kim

Dave & Julie

The crowd at Ice Stock

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