Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mass & Maag

Saturday night we had Mass behind the Chapel. Whenever our friend Bella is in town we have Mass and for some reason or other she's the "Pope".

This is just an excuse for us to get together for drinks and to see friends we don't always see all that often.

Here's Kelly & Bella (the Pope)

Kathy, Carol & Lisa at Mass

Kelly, Bella & Dave

Todd, Susie, Kathy, Mike & Kelly

Susie, Todd, Kathy & Bella in an empty port-a-potty. By empty I mean there was no toilet.

Later in the evening we went to Maag, which is McMurdo's Alternative Art Gathering. There were a lot of unique displays of art to check out. Here Robin is doing a live artistic performance.

Folks checking out the orange revolving door with Bob Marley on one side and Jerry Garcia painted on the other.

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