Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Shift Christmas Party in Our Room

Christmas Eve at 6:30 PM we had a party in our room for our night shift co-workers.

It's not easy to wake up and start drinking but we all gave it our best shot.

Here are some essential things needed for our Christmas parties; decorations, Mom Haney's party mix and Gin & Tonics with fun holiday straws provided by our friends Dave & Norman back in Bend.

Everyone who came to our party was required to drink out of a holiday straw!

Here we are with our first Gin & Tonics.

Steve-O, Will, Josh & Andrew with Dave in the Santa hat making drinks.

Dave, Josh, Andrew & Cary.

Tony (in the hat), Amanda & Steve-O

Kelly, Cary, Tony & Gift

Gift & Kelly

Steve-O, Will & Andrew. These three are all on Kelly's cargo team.

Tony enjoying a beer after we ran out of gin.

Brandon & Kelly

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