Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Taylor & Wright Valleys in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Looking up the Canada Glacier
Lake Hoare on the other side of the Canada Glacier

Lake Hoare Camp where we stopped to pick up the Grantee.

Looking further up the Taylor Valley

Snow field between the Taylor & Wright Valleys

The Gargoyles are the eroded part of the mountain in the foreground. Just beyond the Gargoyles is the Wright Valley.

Looking up the Wright Valley

Hanging Glaciers in the Wright Valley

The Wright Valley

Lake Vanda in the Wright Valley

Pam getting out of the Helicopter at Bull Pass. This is where the Grantee wanted to collect soil samples.
Pam & Dave had five hours of time on the ground were free to walk where ever they wanted to as long as they were back in time to catch the Helicopter back to McMurdo.

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