Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Brunch at Our House

Sarah,Mike & Shannon graciously hosted our Sunday brunch as their ceremony gift to us.

They provided an amazing spread of egg casseroles, mini quiches, homemade breads, coffee cake, muffins, bagels, lox and flavored cream cheeses.

We had 63 guests at our house and thanks to them, we were able to mingle and enjoy the company without having to worry about the food.

Here's a photo of Sarah & Shannon as they prepare the feast.
Wendy, Kate & Kara awaiting the start of brunch.
Family & Friends enjoying Sunday brunch in our yard.
Trevor, Dennis, Raeleen & Colton.
Here's Vicki in our master bathroom checking out the handy work of Dave's college friends Renee & Michele.

If you look at the mirror you can see the heart made of mini Oreos and the reflection of an Oreo smiley face on our shower door.

Just as they did 25 years ago, they still enjoy a good Oreo prank.

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