Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Setting Up for the Ceremony

Our neighbor & designer Pamela Armstrong offered to do the flowers & decorate the tables at the ceremony as her gift to us.

She was assisted by her daughter Kate who's shown here in this picture and who also attended the guestbook and greeted guests as they arrived.

They did a fantastic job & Aspen Hall was never more beautiful. Thanks so much Armstrongs for all your hard work!!!

Pamela working her magic with the sunflowers that Wendy, Val & Eugene had cut that morning.
Norman & Paul are setting up the strobing dance lights for the reception.
The decorated fireplace, which was the backdrop for the ceremony.
Our friends & photographers Byron & Wendy Roe (recent newlyweds) offered to photograph our ceremony as their gift to us.

We greatly appreciate this gift and all the time and effort it took. When the photos are ready, we will post a link here to Byron's site for your viewing pleasure.

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