Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dave's Family in Bend

Josh is making his own pizza at the Flat Bread Pizzeria & Wine Bar. He got to take his creation to the kitchen and watched it being baked in the wood fired oven. He was so excited when the chef told him he was an "artist".
Mom Haney, Micah, Josh, Trysha, Rob & Kelly in the Old Mill District Shopping area.
Dave, Kelly, Josh, Trysha, Rob, Micah & Mom Haney on the foot bridge in the Old Mill District.
Cindy & Brad Gilbert arrived Wednesday afternoon. Here Cindy, Dave & Brad are enjoying a cocktail in our kitchen.

Wednesday night Dave's Brother's & their wives and kids rolled in to town.

Here's Kara (with ice on her twisted ankle), Steve, Gary, Ginny, Cinda & Rhonda in their rental house.

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