Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sailing on Elk Lake

Last Saturday we drove to Elk Lake which is about 25 minutes up the road from our house. Our friends Pat and Celine keep their 26 foot sailboat there during the summer and we were invited up for the day.

Mt. Bachelor in the distance.
Dave holding his beer and Kelly's.
Celine and Amy .
Just another beautiful day in Central Oregon.
Kelly enjoying the ride.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Start of the Ceremony Week

After a long year of planning.......creating the ceremony site, making the invitations, the candle holders, the guest book, the program, 5-1/2 hours of music and the photo display.....working with Pamela & Judy on the flowers, the decorations and the food... after all this time, the week of the ceremony had finally arrived and it made for a very busy week.

Tuesday we shopped for all the food before the arrival of Mom Haney and Dave's Nephew Rob, his wife Trysha and their boys Josh & Micah. They had all flown in from Indiana and arrived in Bend around 4:00 PM.

Here's a photo of Mom Haney & Dave in front of our house.

Here's Rob, Trysha & Josh on the porch of their rental house.
Josh & Kelly in the Old Mill District.

Trysha & Micha in the Old Mill District.

This is the center piece which Kelly created for our dining room table.

Dave's Family in Bend

Josh is making his own pizza at the Flat Bread Pizzeria & Wine Bar. He got to take his creation to the kitchen and watched it being baked in the wood fired oven. He was so excited when the chef told him he was an "artist".
Mom Haney, Micah, Josh, Trysha, Rob & Kelly in the Old Mill District Shopping area.
Dave, Kelly, Josh, Trysha, Rob, Micah & Mom Haney on the foot bridge in the Old Mill District.
Cindy & Brad Gilbert arrived Wednesday afternoon. Here Cindy, Dave & Brad are enjoying a cocktail in our kitchen.

Wednesday night Dave's Brother's & their wives and kids rolled in to town.

Here's Kara (with ice on her twisted ankle), Steve, Gary, Ginny, Cinda & Rhonda in their rental house.

Cutting Lavender

Thursday morning we went to our friend Nancy Woodward's lavender farm to cut lavender for the ceremony.

Brad & Cindy went along and we all had a fun time learning about the different types of lavender, seeing Nancy & Alex's place and enjoying the wonderful aroma.

Here Nancy & Brad are watching Cindy and Dave cut lavender and hopefully doing it correctly.
Dave & Kelly cutting lavender
Cindy cutting lavender
The bountiful harvest of lavender.
Dave & Kelly with the lavender to be used for decoration at the ceremony.

Thursday Night Dinner

Thursday night we hosted a dinner at our place for our families and those in our ceremony. Kelly grilled tri-tip steaks, chicken breasts and sausages while Dave cranked out margaritas on two blenders.

We had 28 guests that night and it was a crazy time in our kitchen trying to get everyone fed and satisfied with drinks.

We had a great evening and we think everyone else did too!

Here Mom & Dad Cheek are checking out photos on Eric's computer.
Dave is serving margaritas to Wendy, Randy & Teresa.
Mom Haney & Mom Cheek having a nice visit.

Thursday Night Dinner

John & Brad watching Dave mix margaritas.
Pat, Norman, Kara, Kate, Rhonda & Dave.
Dave is supervising his brothers Steve & Gary as they help clean up in the kitchen.
Randy, Cinda, Teresa, Mom Haney, Mom Cheek and Cindy on the back deck.
Cindy and Dave ready to cut Cindy's Birthday cake.

Friday Morning Walk Along The Deschutes River

Friday morning we did a walk from the trail by our house along the Deschutes River to Meadow Camp and back. We had 21 ceremony guests join us at 9:00 for the walk, which took about three hours.

Here's Brad & Cindy posing beside the Deschutes River.
Pam cools off her head as Liisa & Patrick watch.
Steve, Gary, Ryan, Pat, Dave, Pam, Teresa, Eric & Steve look down on the river.

Friday Morning Deschutes River Walk

Dave, Brad, Cindy, Randy, Ryan, Steve & Rhonda stop to enjoy the Deschutes River.
Ryan & Rhonda
Rhonda by the Deschutes River
Patrick & Wendy
Eric & Randy at Meadow Camp on the Deschutes River.

Friday Night at the Brewfest

Friday night was the 5th Annual Bend Brewfest and it was the perfect place to hangout with family & friends on a beautiful summer night while drinking good beer and listening to live music.

We arrived there at 6:00 and throughout the course of the next several hours we were greeted by numerous family members and friends as they arrived in Bend for the ceremony. There were 52 ceremony guests who joined us at the Brewfest and we had a wonderful evening.

Here are Josh & Micah showing off the tattoos they got.
Ann & Julie at the Brewfest

Ann & Julie B. showing off the tattoos they got.

Friday Night at the Brewfest

Kelly, Ann, Kim & Dave.
Pat, Norman & Paul.
Kate, Kara & Rob.
Amy, Drew, Pam, Nichole, Dave & Kim.
Teri & Rich

Friday Night at the Bend Brewfest

Pam, Stefanie, Lynette, Dave & Rex
Dave, Teresa, Randy, Michele & Renee.
In front are Teri, Liisa, Dave, Karla & Levi and in back, Patrick, Kelly & Charlee.
Here Julie G. is explaining to Charlee about the traffic jam in Washington that caused her & Rebecca to be late and miss the Brewfest.
Dave welcomes Rebecca with a kiss.