Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunday Free Music at the Les Schwab Amphiteater

Sarah with Lily and Mike with Gunnar are enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the amphitheater.

Sunday Free Music at the Les Schwab Amphitheater

Most every Sunday afternoon we can be found at the Les Schwab Amphitheater enjoying the sun and listening to the free music with friends.

Here's Lily looking cool and enjoying the music of El Dante.
Here's Gunnar looking just as cool in his red shades.
Kelly with Stefanie & Lynette
Here's Dave & Norman with Norman's Mom Chris (in the back) and his Sister Christa her husband Bill & daughter Jocie.
Jackson & Jocie are fasinated with how tiny Gunnar's feet are.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camping at East Lake

We went back to East Lake camping last Sunday and once again we got our favorite spot. Here Dave & Norman are having lunch while Dave White gets ready for the beach
Dave, Norman & Dave enjoying a sunny day at the beach
Kelly & Dave White at East Lake
Eddie & Norman relaxing at East Lake as the sun goes down
Evan, Eddie, Norman & Kelly enjoying the warmth of the fire

More Camping, Poppies and Kelly's Family

Dave, Dave, Norman & Evan enjoying the campfire.
Another photo of Dave, Dave and Norman
We never did get any pictures of our oriental poppies posted this year. We had over 100 blooms and they were so beautiful. They actually got so tall that most of them drooped to the ground.
We made a trip to Selah, WA last week to visit Kelly's family. Here's Kelly with his nephew's Trevor and Colton relaxing in the shade.
Here's Kelly with his parents and the puppy Sage. Could no one crack a smile?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mountain biking the crater rim

Last Sunday we did a 17 mile Mountain bike ride around the crater rim at East Lake/Paulina Lake with our friends Evan and Ed.
Here we are with East Lake below us.
Dave riding past.
Dave, Evan and Ed.
Kelly on his way down.
With the ride over, it was time for a beer lake side.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bend's 4th of July Pet Parade

Here's Norman, Kelly, Todd & Jeff waiting for the Pet Parade to Begin.
This little girl didn't seem to have a real pet, so she brought some stuffed ones.
This guy's wife decided to put the lease on him and make him push their dog in the stroller.
Pug in a Hula Skirt.
Friends Christa & Bill with their kids Jackson & Jocie.

Bend's 4th of July Pet Parade

These next photos were from the last group in the parade and labeled "Odds & Ends" Basically it's anyone in the parade who has a pet other than a dog. Like for instance, a white duck.......

Or a poodle, which everyone knows isn't a real dog.

Or they could just have stuffed animals and are feeling the need to be patriotic.
This little girl was walking her goat and then we were reminded that Bend is still a cow town!

Here's Kelly hanging out with our group of friends we watched the parade with.

Camping at East Lake

Last weekend we went camping at East Lake in the Newberry Crater National Monument. It was to be in the upper 90's in Bend, so we thought what better place to go than to a lake in the mountains.

We weren't able to get our favorite campsite, but we did get our second favorite, which shown here and is the next one over. We pay a little more for it, since it's a premium site, but it's worth it since it's so large, the view is great and you can't see your neighbors.
Dave spent a little time reading in the hamock. But not too long as we had friends Tom & Paul show up for a visit.

Paul, Dave & Tom on the public boat dock
Paul, Tom & Kelly at East Lake
Dave, Kelly, Paul & Tom enjoying an afternoon at East Lake.