Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ice Stock Music Concert

Every year at McMurdo Station around the New Year, we have an outdoor music concert - Ice Stock.

This season we had Ice Stock on December 30. It wasn't the nicest of days as it was snowing when the music began. Despite the cold weather, it was still an enjoyable day.

In conjunction with Ice Stock there is also a Chili Cookoff that takes place. There were eight teams this year. They start making the chili early in the morning inside an orange milvan. The milvans are also decorated as part of the competition.

The sign of the days line-up.
Twan, Seth & Pete at their Chili Milvan
Secret Cargo Man (AKA Cary, Sky, Shawn & Amanda)
Wendy, Patty, Liz, Leslie, Sharon & Kate

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