Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ships at McMurdo

This is the Oden, a Swedish icebreaker hired to come break a channel from the open water to McMurdo and to assist our re-supply ship and tanker in getting here.
This is the fuel tanker the Gianella at the Ice pier. It just finished offloading six million gallons of fuel this morning.
This is the Nathaniel B. Palmer. It's a research ship run by Raytheon Polar Services for the U.S. Antarctic Program. Our friend Corey from Hobart just boarded on Monday and will be working on the ship for the next month.

More Random Pictures

These are from a walk that Dave did yesterday with our friend Amy. This sculpture of a skier sits on a hill overlooking the town.
The ice picture is of pancake ice. One of the first kinds of ice to form as the ocean freezes.

Random Pictures From the Past Few Weeks

This picture is from the day Kelly made it back from the South Pole after going 10 days without shaving.

Gathering in our room with friends.
Dave, Lisa, Julie & Tad
Lisa, Kelly, Alex & Josh

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kelly's trip to South Pole.

On January 2, 2008 I left McMurdo Station for a working trip to the South Pole. It's a 3 hour flight by LC130 aircraft, and I rode in the flight deck on the way south.

It was a amazing experience to get to go see and live at Pole. With going from sea level to over 10,000 feet in elevation in 3 hours it took about 4 days for my body to get used to it.
Royal Society Mountain Range.
The first sight of Pole straight ahead.

South Pole housing.

The summer camp james ways that I lived in.
Home sweet home, james way on right side. My room had plywood walls, a blanket for the door and measured about 6'x6'. The restrooms and shower are about 75 yards away. We are allowed 2 showers a week limited to 2 minutes each.

The Dome, cargo yard and loaders.

The original South Pole dome. Which has been replaced with the new modern Station. It is still being used for storage.
From the inside of the dome the flag is seen. But yesterday Saturday the 12th of January the flag was moved to the new station where it will remain.
Big toys. With much snow to move and runways to maintain they use some big equipment.
Cargo office and heated DNF bay.
Track loaders we used for aircraft loading and unloading.

Shots around South Pole Station

2008 South Pole marker. This marker marks the geographic location of the South Pole. A new marker is designed and made on station for the next year.
Summer camp housing.
The new South Pole station. It has two U shaped pods that measure 400" by 100" and are connected together. It's 2 stories high built on piers. The whole building can be raised as the snow blows and builds up.
The front of station, flags and marker.

South Pole's sights

The beauty of the South Pole. I have never seen any place so flat. For as far as the eye can see, nothing but white snow, blue sky and clouds.
Kelly at the Pole. Yes I had to have the photo of me at the Pole. I did walk around the world in a matter of just a few minutes.

Trans Antarctic Mt.'s flight from S.Pole

My trip back to McMurdo station was to be on January 9th, but due to weather I didn't leave until the morning of January 12th. I was very happy to go south, but happy to get home and see Dave.

The photos are from the flight home. The Trans Antarctic Mountains and the glaciers are just spectacular.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ice Stock

Kelly, Andrea & Dave
Phatass Bluegrass
Kelly & Julie
Dave & Alex

Porn Spill

Ice Stock Music Concert

Every year at McMurdo Station around the New Year, we have an outdoor music concert - Ice Stock.

This season we had Ice Stock on December 30. It wasn't the nicest of days as it was snowing when the music began. Despite the cold weather, it was still an enjoyable day.

In conjunction with Ice Stock there is also a Chili Cookoff that takes place. There were eight teams this year. They start making the chili early in the morning inside an orange milvan. The milvans are also decorated as part of the competition.

The sign of the days line-up.
Twan, Seth & Pete at their Chili Milvan
Secret Cargo Man (AKA Cary, Sky, Shawn & Amanda)
Wendy, Patty, Liz, Leslie, Sharon & Kate