Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Shift Christmas Party in Our Room

Christmas Eve at 6:30 PM we had a party in our room for our night shift co-workers.

It's not easy to wake up and start drinking but we all gave it our best shot.

Here are some essential things needed for our Christmas parties; decorations, Mom Haney's party mix and Gin & Tonics with fun holiday straws provided by our friends Dave & Norman back in Bend.

Everyone who came to our party was required to drink out of a holiday straw!

Here we are with our first Gin & Tonics.

Steve-O, Will, Josh & Andrew with Dave in the Santa hat making drinks.

Dave, Josh, Andrew & Cary.

Tony (in the hat), Amanda & Steve-O

Kelly, Cary, Tony & Gift

Gift & Kelly

Steve-O, Will & Andrew. These three are all on Kelly's cargo team.

Tony enjoying a beer after we ran out of gin.

Brandon & Kelly

The Town Christmas Party

After the Christmas party in our room we went to the town Christmas party in the big gym.

Here's Cara & Julie outside the gym

Kelly gets a Christmas kiss from Liz

Susie & Dave at the town party

Gina, Rich, Liz & Alex

Kelly & Susie at the town party

Dave & Kelly at the Seasons Greetings sign. We didn't quite crouch down low enough.

Kelly & Steve-O at the town party

Kelly, Will & Dave at the town Christmas Party

Two Christmas Dinners

Since we are on the night shift now we got to eat a Christmas dinner with our fellow night shift workers at midnight on Christmas Eve and then again with our other friends at 5:00 Christmas Day.

It was the same menu both times which was Sauteed Shrimp & Scallops, Prime Rib & Roast Duck. There were steamed fresh asparagus, baked potatoes, breads, salads and of course yummy desserts (Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, Ginger Cheesecake, a Pumpkin Yule Log, Cream Puffs and an assortment of Truffles and homemade candies).

Here is a group of friends at the first dinner.

Gift & Eric at the night shift Christmas Dinner

Mary & Pam at Christmas Dinner

Kathy & Todd

Dave, Wendy & Kelly

Dave, Pam & Kelly at Christmas Dinner

Opening Gifts On Christmas Day

We had two Christmas Trees in our room this year. This is the one we made on the wall out of lights and we put all the Christmas cards we receive inside it.
This is the little one we have on a shelf and we usually put little gifts around this one.

Kelly & Dave with their gifts & stockings

Kelly opening a gift from Mike & Sarah

Dave opening a gift from Mike & Sarah

Kelly's ornament from Mike & Sarah

Dave's ornament from Mike & Sarah

Dave On Christmas Day

Dave finds the gift that just keeps on giving in his stocking. (These stretch shorts have been passed around back and forth numerous times over the past three years)
Dave opening a gift

Checking out the chocolate truffles from Amanda

Dave with his new hat.

Dave with his two new T-Shirts.

Kelly On Christmas Day

Kelly with our stack of gifts
Kelly checking out the contents of his stocking

The promise of one of his favorite car magazines coming south on the next flight from New Zealand.

Opening a gift

Checking out his new jacket

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dave's Trip to the McMurdo Dry Valleys

Last Saturday Dave was one of the lucky few to be chosen to fly to the Dry Valleys to accompany a Grantee (Grad Student from Ohio State University) as she collected samples.

The Dry Valleys are the largest expanse of ice-free ground in Antarctica. They contain cold desert soils millions of years old, unusual biological communities, special geological features & minerals and spectacular scenery. Due to this fact they are also the site of numerous research camps.

The only way to get to the Dry Valleys is via Helicopter and there's no better way to see the scenery. Dave & Kelly's good friend Pam was chosen to go as well, so he was in great company.

Here's Pam in the Helicopter.

The view of Kukri Hills when flying over the sea ice.

The Ferrar Glacier with the Kukri Hills on the right & Briggs Hills on the left

The Ferrar Glacier & the Briggs Hills

Flying up the Taylor Valley

The Commonwealth Glacier in Taylor Valley.

Lake Fryxell and the Canada Glacier