Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning in Our Room

We had a nice long weekend for Christmas. The town was given off Monday and Tuesday for the holidays and it just so happened that our regular days off are Sunday and Wednesday, which gave us a very special four days off in a row. Although we did spend a lot of time relaxing in our room, we also attended a lot of social functions.

Sunday evening we hosted a cocktail party in our room for Kelly's cargo team. Later that evening we went to the town Christmas Party where we spent many hours visiting with friends and listening to good music.

Monday morning we gathered at Hut 10 with people from work for a White Elephant Gift Exchange. We had a lot of fun with that and Kelly ended up with one of the best gifts, a 1/4" piece of metal in the shape of Antarctica, made by a guy we work with.

Later that day we gathered with friends for cocktails at 3:00 prior to our Delicious Christmas dinner at 5:00. There was King Crab & Duck, but we both ate the Beef Wellington, which was fantastic!

Christmas morning we had our gift exchange in the room and spent the remainder of the day relaxing and watching movies. Here are a few pictures of us with our booty.

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