Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Today Show

The big news down here lately is that Ann Curry is here from the Today Show. She and her crew have been here for the past 10 days taping segments for their Ends of the Earth specials. They also did three live broadcasts and we were there when they were filming. Dave was holding a sign that read "Welcome to the Family Anson Born 11/02/07" for my niece's latest baby. The other side read "Go Ducks" for the University of Oregon Football team who are currently ranked 3rd in the nation. Ann Curry is an alumnus of Oregon and when she saw the sign Dave was holding she got all excited and ran over and gave him a hug. She asked if he was from Oregon and took the time to pose for the picture shown here. It was an extremely cold and windy evening, but we've had such bad weather the past week that it was actually one of the nicest days we had.

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Thomas Davis said...

How to Suck Up to Ann Curry:

Say or Write: "Go Ducks"

Ann is a Duck / U of O Alum and her dad still lives in Ashland.