Sunday, November 18, 2007

Charlie's Going Away Party

Last weekend we had a going away party in our room for our friend Charlie. He's in the Air Force reserves and will be leaving soon for a five month rotation in Iraq. He left McMurdo Tuesday the 13th, so we had the party for him on Saturday the 10th. He was working in Helo Ops this season and got to fly around to wonderful places as part of his job that most of us only dream about seeing. He brought us some ice from the Hoare Glacier in the Dry Valleys to make our gin & tonics with. We call it Jesus ice here, because it's about 2000 years old. We had a great time with Charlie while he was here and we certainly miss him. Here are some photos from the party and a chance to see what our room looks like
Lucas, Lisa, Charlie & Gift
Lisa, Charlie & Gift
Danielle, Dave, Shannon & Alec
Dave, Josh & Alec

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