Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Springtime in Christchurch

We flew to Christchurch, New Zealand for loadplanner training on September 16th and spent two weeks doing the course. We've both passed and are now certified to loadplan aircraft for the U.S. military.

It's been nice to be here so early before all the other Ice employee's and tourists arrive. It hasn't been as difficult to get in to restaurants and we can walk around town without seeing 20 people we know. That's all about to change though as the rest of the passengers on the first flight arrive in town tomorrow.

We've had a few days of cold, windy and rainy weather, but it's been getting progressively warmer. Today is a shorts and t-shirt day with nothing but sunny skies.

This is our last weekend in town as we are scheduled to fly to McMurdo on Tuesday October 2nd. Of course that's all dependent on the weather there, but we're hoping to get there, get settled and to start working again.

Well try our best to keep the blog updated when we get there, but for now you can see what we've been enjoying in Chirstchurch for the past two weeks.

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