Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Smith Rock State Park

Jan, Kelly & Charlie climbing the switchbacks

Monday the 20th we took Charlie & Jan on a hike up Misery Ridge at Smith Rock State Park. Smith Rock is a half hour drive north of Bend and has some of the best rock climbing in the west. There are also some great hiking trails and beautiful scenery.

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Pat DesChane said...

Hi Kelly and Dave,
Say this smith rock is really a pretty place. and just where is it located? you guys look like you are having just too much fun!! but i guess that is what being "young" is all about! I hope that you enjoy anarticia (sp)? again. sounds like it really keeps you busy. how is the food and are the cooks really good?
I have been doing a lot of horse riding the last two months. whew... i need to slow down a little. darrell has been doing a little target shooting when it was not so hot. It was really good to see you and meet Dave this past spring. We really appreciated you coming. just remember we love you too as i have known you as long as i have known my kids you know...?
keep us posted on how things are way down south?? as i am not going to try to spell that big word again . Luff.. Pat & Darrell