Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camping At East Lake

Our Campsite
Dave, Norman Walking on the Beach
Hanging around the campfire

Sunday afternoon we drove down to the Newberry National Monument to camp at East Lake with our friends Dave & Norman. Newberry is an extinct volcano and there are two lakes in the sunken caldera, Paulina and East. We really like camping at East Lake for it's beauty and the fact that it's only 35 minutes south of Bend. Even though it's so close to town, not that many people seem go there. The camp sites are also really hugh, so unlike the homes in Bend, you feel like you actually have some space from your neighbors.

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Ave said...

I love checking in on you guys! Thanks for making this blog - its fun to see your adventures and remember when we had the time to do that fun stuff. ;) Of course, Indiana camping is nothing like Oregon camping!