Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Update

Many of our friend have inquired about the fact that we're no longer posting to our blog.  We've decided that it's much easier for us to post photos to our Instagram accounts, since we're usually working in places with poor Internet availability and bandwidth.

If you'd like to follow us on Instagram you can hit us up at frostyboy2 & kelly_cheek.  We have private accounts and only accept people we know.

We've been posting photos from our new jobs in Greenland, so hope to see you on Instagram...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our Last Few Months at McMurdo...Ever???

Kelly saw these Adele Penguins passing through William's Airfield one night in January.

A Weddel Seal hanging out at William Field

Mt. Discovery in the evening light.

Panoramic shot of William's Field and Mt. Discovery.

Unfortunately, two of Dave's favorite McMurdo events happened on the same night this year.  He started out his Saturday night on January 14th at the Fuels Barn for Slow Song Saturday.  The event is just as it sounds.  You stand around with a large group of friends and sing and sway to your favorite slow songs...mostly from the 70's & 80's.  The best part is that most people don't really know the lyrics, but that doesn't stop us from belting out what we think they are.
Julie, Liz Sutter & Elaine at Slow Song Saturday

Joni, Gracie & Liz Kauffman

After Slow Song Saturday Dave went to meet Kelly at Mustache Roulette.  As soon as he walked into Gallagher's he heard he wasn't going to be watching, as he's done in the past, but participating.  Not having a beard or mustache, he always thought he was safe from having to participate.  That was not the case this year as his co-worker Alex, AKA Precious, had the idea of having his neck beard shaved and attaching it to Dave's face.  That idea then morphed into Leala shaving her head and attaching it to Dave's head.  Here the three are on stage after the crowd donated over $350 to see this happen.

Dan is getting ready to lather up Dave's face with Elmer's Glue.

Sam is collecting Alex's neck hair while Steph cuts it.

Ang is collecting Leala's hair while Killian cuts it.

Beard applied, now it's time to add glue to Dave's head.  Dan is enjoying this way too much!

Sam is calling on beautician skills she's never used before.

Dave was pretty grossed out by the whole thing....but over $6,000 was raised that evening and it went to seven different charities.

Leala was still beautiful after the event...Dave....not so much!

Hanging out with friends & co-workers at a morning day bar.

The arrival of the Ocean Giant, our resupply vessel, is always a welcome site as it means the end of the season is drawing near.

February 3rd we got everyone from our shift together for a group photo.  Kelly is hanging off on the left and Dave on the right.

We transitioned from the night shift to a swing shift the 2nd weekend in February so we got to work a few of the C-17 flights at the newly built Phoenix Airfield.

Kelly, Stephen, Adam & Killian waiting for the plane to land at Phoenix Airfield.

We found this Emperor Penguin molting out at the airfield that day.

Dave was feeling a little nostalgic walking home from work one night, so he took this photo of the freezer, which is where he first worked when he started at McMurdo back in 1998.

This is the building we've both been working in recently. Dave for that past 15 seasons and Kelly the past 11.

Here's Kelly visiting with friends and co-workers last Saturday as we waited to board our shuttle to the airfield for our flight out.

Since we've both taken new jobs with Polar Field Services where we'll be working in Greenland, this most likely was our last time at McMurdo.  That made the goodbyes a bit harder this year.

It's always a good feeling seeing your plane arrive to take you back to New Zealand.

The cargo loaders and deltas at Phoenix Airfield.

Adam, Kevin & Alex flew out with us.

Kelly waiting for the call to board the plane.

 Alex, Dave & Kelly on the C-17 flight back to Christchurch

Goodbye Antarctica, it's been great getting to know you.......

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ob Hill Loop Hike & Christmas & New Year Celebrations at McMurdo Station

December 20th was a warm (by Antarctic standards) sunny day, so we decided to hike the Ob Hill Loop Trail.

Required selfie with Ob Hill in the background.

Kelly gazing off into the distance.

December 23rd, we hosted our 10th annual department Christmas Party.  Seana & Andrew were the first to arrive.

Leala, Amber, Adam & Killian

Killian & Sarah (AKA Yote)

Kelly, Greg, Yote & Shannon

Shannon loving on John


Greg, Alex & John

Greg, Alex, John, Yote, Amber & Adam

Ben'O & Max

Ang & Kevin

Kelly, Greg, Alex, Yote, Adam & Amber

After our party, we all went to the Town Christmas Party.  Here's Dave & Max.

Dave, Alexandra, Julie, Chris & Kelly

Part of our group with Santa

Christmas Day....presents around our little tree.

Annual Christmas Day photo

Kelly got a gag gift we've been passing back and forth randomly for the past 11 years.

Dave with his gifts

Kelly opening a gift


Dave got a new shirt for Flannel Fridays

The annual New Year's Eve Ice Stock concert is always one of our favorite days of the season.  Here's Julie & Alex up front, Chris, Dave, Kelly & Joe in back.

Julie & Kelly amongst the crowd

Liz, Kelly, Shannon & Tom

Amber, Abe & Adam

Dustin, Greg & Alex

Andrew & Kelly

Greg & Alex getting a little wild as Andrew watches from afar...

Some of our cargo co-workers played in one of the bands.

Mandy, Killian, Amber & Toby

Andrew & Greg

Dave, Greg & Kelly welcoming in the new year